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'Discover the magic of Mauritius' "Catamaran Cruise to Northern Isles"

Let your dreams set sail.....

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Call us now or e-mail to book a cruise aboard Wind Dancer:
+ (230) 5498 8585

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Our Cruises

All our cruises depart from Grand Bay, a bustling and attractive town in the north of Mauritius.


After boarding our vessel, and listening to your captain's briefing, you will head off for a scenic cruise.

You may choose one of our regular cruises or hire our vessel for a private party of your own; you may opt for a full-day cruise, half-day cruise, a romantic sunset cruise or an evening dinner cruise. We can organize your wedding onboard the "Catamaran Cruises Grand Baie" or for a truly unique experience, you can pronounce your vows on your own secluded island.

Every cruise offers opportunities to swim, snorkel, fish, relax, encounter dolphins, whales, marine turtles, birds, and other marine wildlife.

The only Catamaran Cruise to visit all 3 Northern Isles

Explore / Relax / Enjoy


Our Catamaran



Our Scape 39 sailing catamaran, Wind Dancer 2, was designed by the renowned boat architect Alex Simonis and custom-built in Cape Town, South Africa.


The Scape 39 is a spacious and stable vessel, built for comfort, safety, ease of viewing and performance. It has large (and very popular!) flat decks and trampolines for lounging in the sun, a huge shaded cockpit with seating for all passengers, and it offers 360-degree views for easy spotting of our abundant marine life, making it the perfect charter cruiser for "catamaran cruise to Northern Isles" in Mauritius.


It is equipped with all-modern navigational instruments and safety devices to ensure passenger safety.

"Catamaran Cruises Grand Baie" from Mauritius.

"Catamaran Cruise to Northern Isles" from Mauritius.

"Catamaran Cruises Grand Baie" from Mauritius.

"Catamaran Cruise to Northern Isles" from Mauritius.

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